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Hello and welcome to my corner of the World Wide Web. My name is Marvin Elsen, I'm a professional software engineer in his early twenties with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. Currently I reside in Trier, Germany, but I'm hopefully going to move to Taiwan in August 2021. This is my personal website which is a mix between a blog and a personal wiki, also known as Digital Garden. I am not an expert on information management and due to the nature of Digital Gardens the structure and contents of this website are bound to suddenly change without prior notice. Where appropriate I will try to setup redirections to moved pages, but I won't make any promises so I recommend bookmarking this homepage, instead of any specific sub-pages. You should consider this website to always be Work In Progess (WIP).

In this digital garden you will find all the notes I've made on a huge variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Software development
  • Software in general
  • Chinese
  • Tea
  • Travelling
  • Self-improvement
  • Productivity
  • Note-taking

I update this wiki almost daily and use it myself for my own reference. I mostly write things and structure them in a way that I can understand and access them the best, and reference what I know easily and quickly.


By using my website, you hereby consent to my disclaimer and agree to my terms of service.


My digital garden is heavily inspired by the following similiar wikis:

If you are interested in creating your own digital garden, I highly recommend you to check out theirs as well!

Git Commit Messages#

If you are reading this on GitHub or are interested in checking out the commit history of this website, you should know that I prefix each commit message with a specific type depending on the contained changes.

Here's an explanation of what each type roughly means:

  • New: New page about a topic/sub-topic that does not exist yet
  • Edit: Minor edits on existing text content of a page (grammar, typo, accident, misstatement, etc)
  • Continue: Continue writing on an existing page (more information, figures, references, etc)
  • Style: Edit formatting or minorly change structure of text or design of the website (font, colors, etc)
  • Structure: Major changes to the structure of the content (moving pages, splitting topics up into sub-topics, introducing redirects, etc)
  • Meta: Adding new MkDocs plugins, changing something on the build process, or changing configuration


Please note that I haven't always used this format for commit messages, so older commits will not adhere to this template.

Site Structure#

Last update: March 21, 2021
Authors: Marvin Elsen